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 Egg List #1

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Maureen *admin*
Maureen *admin*

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PostSubject: Egg List #1   Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:18 am

Everything belowe me will explain it.

?: What the Heck is this?!
!: Here's a list of eggs from Member.
? k.. But am i doing here?!
!: Your here to interact Members who has Refered you.
?: Interact? what do you mean?
!: Warm up the eggs. If enough people has done that the eggs will turn into pokemon.
?: So i help them?
!: yes.
?: how do i get those eggs?
!: Register and Take a egg from the shelter/lab (lab will be created soon Surprised)
?: And If i'm a member?
!: You interact at the same way but it's smart to make sure they know your username and will warm your eggs up to!
?: If i register do i get also eggs?
!: Yes but depends on if you take them from the shelter.
?: I heard you can breed eggs? Explain Meh :3
!: Yes you can, You can take your first Couple of pokemon who can breed eggs in the Breed Center.
?: Breed pokemon? How do i know when they have eggs?
!: I will notice it with this : "Your pokemon has 3 eggs (Maybe lesser). Do you wanna take one off them? If you don't want to all the eggs will released into the shelter.
?: Ah.. Maybe lesser? So it can be 2 or 1?
!: Yes. Depends on the pokemon. Place a Female and a Male in it and i will give them love.
?: Give them love?
!: Yes. Like this : the 2 pokemon slightly hate each other. wich will be 0 eggs. The 2 pokemon are not interrested in each other. Wich will be 1 egg. The 2 pokemon Seems to be nice with each other. Wich will be 2. The 2 pokemon seems to love each other. Wich will be 3 eggs.
?: And Where can i get those pokemon?
!: You can Randomly Find them in the Legendary Area or Get them from a Event (Notice that Legends aren't breedable!) or you can Buy them from the Pokemon shop wich isn't created yet.
?: Pokemon shop? How can i offer that money?
!: Well... It's not exactly money. You'll pay with Points.
?: How do i get those "Points"?
!: Each day after Registering you will get 1 point. You can receive also points for posting/thanked/reply and such as that things.
?: k. But what do i have to type if i want to warm up the eggs.
!: The following:
I'd love to warm your eggs up
Yes all the eggs.
Yes i'm talking to you *Name of player*.
Be sure to Warm my eggs up to!!
?: Seems to be pretty easy..
!: Yep. I will try to keep this up but some members will help me.. (DH XD)
?: How many eggs you can have in your party?
!: 6.
?: Well.. My knowledge is exploded after this #FAQ so thank you :3
!: No problem Smile

Egg List:

Darkheart's egg party:
DarkHeart Has hatched a total off: 2 egg(s).

DragonRelax's egg party:
DragonRelax Has hatched a total off: 0 egg(s).

Hahahay's egg party:
Hahahay Has hatched a total off: 0 egg(s).

Halibel's egg party:

halibel Has hatched a total off: 0 egg(s).

Maureen *Admin*'s Egg party:
Maureen *Admin* Has hatched a total off: 1 egg(s).

Milotonius's egg party:
Milotonius Has hatched a total off: 0 egg(s).

Proffesor Seasach's egg party:
Proffesor Seasach Has hatched a total off: 0 egg(s).


Last edited by Maureen *admin* on Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:15 pm; edited 6 times in total
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Elite 4 Admin
Elite 4 Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Egg List #1   Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:28 pm

I'd love to warm your eggs up
Yes all the eggs.
Yes i'm talking to you *DarkHeart, Maureen, Seasach, Miltonius*.
Be sure to Warm my eggs up to!!

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PostSubject: Re: Egg List #1   Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:20 pm

Warming all Eggs. D:
That means Maureen's Shaymin can hatch, I believe.
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PostSubject: Re: Egg List #1   

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Egg List #1
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