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 Introducing Our New Staff Member: Proffesor Seasach!

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Maureen *admin*
Maureen *admin*

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PostSubject: Introducing Our New Staff Member: Proffesor Seasach!   Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:16 am

Proffesor Seasach IS the owner of our Daycare/shelter and Interaction list.
What are just the functions off Proffesor Seasach:

Proffesor Seasach will PM you if your pokemon has breed egg(s).
Proffesor Seasach will PM you if 1 or more eggs are ready to hatch.

Other words Proffesor is a NPC.

Please Proffesor Seasach.. Introduce yourself:

Thank you Maureen.
Uhmm.. Well I'm not very good at this stuff but,. Here i go!

Welcome to Musicstation3
A site where the goal is to hatch them all!
Allow me to introduce myself - I am Professor Seasach!
I am here to help you with helping me gather as much information as I can about all the different Pokémon species that there are.

How will you be able to help me? Easily!
Just Register and Help Me to find a home for all those lovely eggs.

Where will you obtain the eggs?
I get a bunch of different eggs almost every week. They're usually pretty common but sometimes I get rare ones too! You can come here and get an egg from me to raise anytime you have room in your party to carry a new one. You can find them in the shelter or the lab (Wich will be created later). Also you can breed them. That's why i'm here. I will PM you if your egg(s) is ready to hatch or Your pokemon has breed some eggs!

Ready to help me out? Let's get started!
You may take an egg from my lab in the area below if I have any. (wich will be creater soon).
If I do not have any or if you do not want any of those, you can always claim an egg or Pokémon that another user has released.
You can find these at the Shelter

This all I can say.

Well. uhm Thank you SeaSach.
So if you know him he's pretty nice :3

Welcome SeaSach

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Introducing Our New Staff Member: Proffesor Seasach!
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