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Proffesor Seasach

Proffesor Seasach

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PostSubject: Buy pokemon   Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:03 pm

This the Pokemon shop.
Here you can buy your favourite pokemon for Points.

Buyable Pokemon

#1 Riolu (100 Points).
#2 Geodude (125 Points).
#3 Larvitar (200 Points).
#4 Mudkip (250 points).
#5 Treecko (250 points).
#6 Torchic (250 Points).
#7 Ditto (300 points).
#8 Eevee (350 points).
#9 Cacturne (400 Points).
#10 Rotom (500 points).

IF you want them Just say wich pokemon you wanna buy.

Goodluck with Hatching your Eggs Wink

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Buy pokemon
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