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Maureen *admin*
Maureen *admin*

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Join date : 2010-03-09
Age : 22
Location : Netherland Wijk en aalburg

PostSubject: Achievements:   Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:03 pm

50 post
100 post
200 post
(No spams)
Newby Medal (Join)
Advanced medal (Be 1 months Member)
Expert Medal (be 6 Months member)
Master Medal (be 1 Year Member)
Mod medal (Become an Moderator)
Admin medal (only for Maureen *Admin*
active member ( Being Online A lot of time) Admin Maureen will Give you the Achievement.
Strange man (Gain 10+ Reputation)
The Neighbour (Gain 50+ Reputation)
The Populair guy (Gain 100+ Reputation)
The Famous Guy (Gain 200+ Reputation)
Newby Collector (Gain 10 Points)
Advanced Collector (Gain 50 Points)
Expert Collector (Gain 100 Points)
Master collector (500 points)
Little Creator (Create atleast 20 Topics)
Creator (Create At least 50 topics)
For Everyone That thats uploaded the badge and posted in his discription will getting banned
Every Badge could be Obtained if you put the Pokemon in your party and Post on an Topic *i gonna make that 1*
This Post will cost you 150 Points.
Achievement codes:
Newby Medal:
Advanced Medal:
Expert Medal:
Master Medal:
50 posts:
100 posts:
200 posts:
Mod Medal:
Admin Medal:
Active member:
Strange man:
The Neighbour:
The populaur Guy:
The Famous Guy:
Newby collector:
Advanced Collector:
Expert Collector:
Master Collector:
Little Creator:

Boulder Badge *Onix+Geodude*:
Cascade Badge *Staryu+Starmie*:
Thunder Badge *Voltorb+Pikachu+Raichu*:
Rainbow Badge *Victreebel+Tangela+Vileplume*:
Soul Badge *Koffing+Koffing+Muk+Weezing*:
Marsh Badge *Kadabra+Mr.Mime+Venomoth+Alakazam*:
Volcano Badge *Growlithe+Ponyta+Rapidash+Arcanine*:
Earth Badge *Rhyhorn+Dugtrio+Nidoking+Nidoqueen+Rhydon*:
Kanto Champion:
Hoenn Badges:
Stone Badge *Geodude+Nosepass* :
Knuckle Badge *Machop+Makuhita* :
Dynamo Badge *magnemite+Voltorb+Magneton* :
Heat Badge *Slugma+Slugma+Torkoal* :
Balance Badge *Slaking+Vigoroth+Slaking* :
Feather Badge *Swellow+Pelliper+Skarmory+Altaria* :
Mind Badge *Solrock+Lunatone* :
Rain Badge *Luvdisc+Whiscash+Sealeo+Seaking+Milotic* :
Hoenn Champion *have all the Hoenn Badges* :
Johto Badges:
Zephyr Badge *Pidgey+Pidgeotto* :
Hive Badge *Metapod+Kakuna+Scyther* :
Plain Badge *Clefairy+Miltank* :
Fog Badge *Gastly+Haunter+Haunter+Gengar* :
Storm Badge *Primeape+Poliwrath* :
Mineral Badge *Magnemite+Magnemite+Steelix* :
Glacier Badge *Seel+Dewgong+Piloswine* :
Rising Badge *Dragonair+Dragonair+Gyarados+Kingdra* :
Johto Champion *All Johto Badges* :

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