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Maureen *admin*
Maureen *admin*

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PostSubject: Daycare   Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:25 pm

Hello, young'uns.
I am Prof. Seasach.
Welcome to the DayCare.
I hope you put a lot of Pokémon in here who breed. I do like to help my wife, Prof. Maureen, with the steady flow of Eggs, since her Pokémon are getting up in the years.
The DayCare is pretty simple.
You can put up to two Pokémon in here and let them stay for however long you like, but be sure to remember to get them!

Currently Breed :

Maureen *admin*:
Luxray (F)+ Luxray(M)
*The Pokemons seems to love each other* (3 eggs)
Number off total eggs breed : 3
They have Currently Eggs : NO
Ralts (M) + Ralts (F)
*The pokemon seems to love each other* (3 eggs)
Number of total eggs breed: 9
They have currently eggs NO
Request form:
I wanna put the following pokemon in the daycare:
(*** Female+ *** Male).
IF the same species already in the shelter is then you can't abandon it.


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