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 TPPC rpg Guide abount SS anne.

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PostSubject: TPPC rpg Guide abount SS anne.   Tue Apr 13, 2010 9:08 pm

Hello now im gonna tell you how to make manny kill in tppc (SS anne)

1. You need 6 Slaking in yours team.

2. Them level must be 200-1000

3. Set moves these: 1.DoubleKick 2.Toxic 3.Fly 4.Gigadrain

4. Attach them Leftowers. (You can get them from catching Spheal map 10)

5. Then go to SS anne and kill them with double kick.

6. If double kick is not effective you may use toxic and then all the times fly, or just fly..

7. Then you meet ground or water pokemon use gigadrain to recover your hp...

(NOTE: you cant use moves who recovers yours hp like "Recover and others" only gigadrain ant leftowners)

If you had luck you may with your 1 slaking kill ~100-200 pokes! some one has killed allmost 1000!!!

Thx i hope helped.
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TPPC rpg Guide abount SS anne.
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