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 How to hack GTA Vice City health [Guide!]

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PostSubject: How to hack GTA Vice City health [Guide!]   Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:53 pm

YES I KNOW GAME IS OLD, but who still like's gta vice city he should use it Wink

1. Open Gta vice city.
2. Load any save/or start new game.
3. Open cheat engine. (Download from
4. In the right top there is glowing button, Click it.
5. Now chose gta vice city.
6. Now you See unlocked some buttons.
7. You should see now "Value type" and click to drop down.
8. You see now value type's... Chose "Float".
9. Now in "Scan type" Type how much you have health now in gta. And click "First Scan"
10. There will be nabt address founded so now you shoul go to gta vice city and lost some health by jumping from roof or agresive people.
11. Then you lost some health go back to cheat engine and whrite again how much you got health. NOW CLICK NEXT SCAN!
12. There should be now 1 address so 2x click it to drop down.
13. Now you got that address and you can edit it by "Frozen" "Description" Type" ....
14. Now frezze it.
15. And 2x click on address value there should pop out message and you whrite your number. (Recomend to whrite 255)
16. Now all finished you should go to gta vice city and play with infinity health! NOTE: if you exit cheat engine health will gone.


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How to hack GTA Vice City health [Guide!]
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